What are the most popular car brands in the world

Depending on the country, its residents may have different preferences in car brands. Below is a list of the most popular automotive brands in various states.

In the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Finland choose Toyota

The Japanese auto manufacturer is, in principle, the most popular brand in the world in terms of the number of queries in the search engine. Of the 171 countries in 57, he leads Google in popularity. These include South Africa, New Zealand, Finland, Australia, the Philippines, Canada, and the United States.

Americans are actively buying brand cars. The Toyota Camry sedan is steadily becoming the best seller in the United States, the RAV4 crossover is very popular.

Pickups are one of the most popular types of cars in the United States, and among the 5 most popular models, the fourth place was taken by Toyota Tacoma with 58 thousand copies sold. In the first place is the Ford F-Series with 214 thousand units sold.

Jake Fisher, Director of Automotive Testing at Consumer Reports, says cars around the world love the brand for increased safety. Automatic emergency braking, collision warning systems – these and similar opportunities get the driver.

In the US, the brand fell in love in particular for the “family sedan” Toyota Camry. In addition to safety, he drew attention to the opportunity to save on gasoline. In the late 2000s, fuel prices skyrocketed in the United States, and pickups requiring a lot of gasoline seemed unprofitable against sedans.

One of the most striking models was just the Camry. In 2008, it outstripped the Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck in terms of sales – 40,016 cars sold, compared to 37,231.

China, Norway, the Netherlands die by Tesla

In China, according to the results of this year, the number of Tesla searches in search engines should increase further – in October this year, the company completed the construction of a plant in the country, which should further enhance the company’s interest.

In 2018, it only became known that the manufacturer of electric cars will build a plant in the Middle Kingdom. Moreover, he was the first auto brand to be allowed to open a store without a mandatory partnership with one of the Chinese manufacturers.

Norway is the only country in the world where driving a Tesla is more profitable than a gasoline car or a hybrid. A resident of the country, Marte Skogstad Algot, changed the Toyota Prius hybrid to the Tesla Model S. The new car costs four times more, but the girl is sure that she saved.

The bottom line is that in Norway, some of the roads are paid. The system is digital, and when you call on it, money is automatically deducted from you. At the same time, if you are driving an electric car, then the law does not apply to you – you will ride them without paying a fare.

Brazilians love Honda

The Japanese auto manufacturer generally relies heavily on the Brazilian market. Since 1997, he has been producing cars at the factory in São Paulo, where presentations are stably held there.

In 2016 in Sao Paulo, she presented the Honda WR-V crossover for Brazil and India, in three weeks he collected seven thousand orders and exceeded the company’s production capabilities.

One of the reasons for their popularity is cars with a flexible choice of fuel (Flex-Fuel): they can drive both gasoline and a mixture of gasoline with ethanol. The company began to produce such cars in 2006. According to her, due to this factor in 2007 her sales grew by 27%.

France + Renault = love

The native country is one of the few where the brand is the most popular in terms of the number of search queries.

French manufacturers are reducing supplies abroad, however, in their home country, they are holding tight. The top 5 best-selling cars are exclusively local brands: Renault Clio IV, Peugeot 208, Peugeot 3008 II, Renault Captur and Peugeot 2008 respectively.

Sweden – Volvo

It’s simple: in Sweden, Volvo is a domestic manufacturer. His cars are the most affordable, and finding parts and getting service is much easier than in the case of a foreign car.

Sales statistics do not contradict the indicators in the search results. In 2018, three Volvo – S / V90, S / V60 and XC60 got into the top 5 best-selling cars at once. The other two positions were taken by VolksWagen Golf and VolksWagen Passat.

In Mexico – Chevrolet

The brand settled in the country back in 1994 – then it started selling the Chevy model, in Europe it was called Opel Corsa. In 2019, this is one of the most popular car brands in Mexico.

Judging by the top 10 most popular models, here, as in the United States, two types of cars are the most popular – pickup and sedan. The first is loved for practicality, the second for accessibility.

Chevrolet Mexicans love for a favorable price-performance ratio. In 2012, the Chevy Aveo, the most affordable car with an automatic transmission, became the most popular car in the country.

India loves Maruti Suzuki

Suzuki’s subsidiary dominates India with a 52% market share.

Maruti Suzuki is considered an Indian company, with its majority stake in the Japanese auto manufacturer. In the 1980s, foreign companies were allowed to invest in Indian companies, which led to a partnership between the Indian Maruti and japanese suzuki.

In the country, it is popularly corny because it was one of the first in the market and established itself. The liberalization of the auto market began in 1991. By that time, Maruti Suzuki had already established itself as a reliable brand – cars such as the Maruti 800 dominated the market.

And in Morocco they drive a Mercedes Benz

On the roads of Morocco you can meet Mercedes Benz 1960-1970. Among them are the legendary W123 and 240D.

These are local taxis. And strangely enough, Mercedes Benz – cars are available here. Used cars are transported from Europe, and the availability of components can extend their life.