Tom Hanks and His Wife Rita Wilson Infected With Coronavirus In Australia

COVID-19 is spreading as fast as toilet paper disappears from store shelves. Every day, hundreds of people become infected, and it scares people. Everyone can get infected, and your social status, huge savings and the number of fans and subscribers on social networks cannot protect you from the virus. And no matter how well this was hidden, but among the world famous stars, cases of infection with coronavirus have also been recorded.

Two months ago, Tom Hanks was about fighting for Oscar with Brad Pete, not suspecting that his life will soon change. Nothing boded serious troubles. But recently, the actor shocked everyone with news on social networks. Now Tom Hanks is in serious danger.

The actor told his fans that at first he felt a little tired and there were some pains in the body. At first, the actor thought it was a common cold. But then his wife began to feel bad: she periodically had chills and temperature spikes. The couple realized that it was not a cold, and they turned to doctors. Unfortunately, their coronavirus test was positive.

The actor said that he and his wife will abide by all the necessary protocols and will remain in self-isolation until they are fully restored. They undergo repeated tests and examinations to monitor the progress or regression of the virus. The actor has nothing to hide, and he confirmed that he would regularly inform the public about his condition and other news. Tom Hanks advises everyone not to neglect their health and be as careful as possible in order to protect themselves from infection.

Stay home and stay away from large crowds of people, wash your hands after going out and stay tuned for the latest news and information regarding the situation in the world.

Be careful, take care of yourself and your little pets, do not forget to feed them!