The most expensive home football players

In a world of sports such as football, fans have many idols among star players. So, for example, most of the fans of the mind according to Cristiano Ronaldo or his eternal opponent Lionel Messi.

A lot of fans want to know more about their idols – to the place of residence of their idol. This will be discussed in our today’s article, because we will discuss the conditions under which the most football players of our time live, and also evaluate who has the best house among football personalities.

In general, top-level football players buy, strangely enough, the most expensive apartments. Some even buy houses on 4 floors, and millions of rooms with a large number of pools and other pleasures for life. Most importantly, you don’t understand why this is done, a way to show the world how rich you are or to show yourself what you achieved as a footballer?

Be that as it may, we will discuss and consider the best apartments among football players of the “top” level, since there is something to see. Masters-bet presents you with a list of “home of famous football players.”

Home football players – the key to success in the recovery of players:


For the genius of Barcelona and the Argentine national team, there is no better place to live than the center of Catalonia. Leo himself has always been a very modest person, it seemed as if this guy did not like luxury at all or anything like that. But as it turned out, Lionel has very little needs. The cost of the mansion of the “tens” of Argentina – 1 million 800 thousand euros.

You say that it is not enough? So this is the cost of the mansion itself, without repair and other things. But the remodeling and home repair cost Messi a round sum – 6 million euros.

Moreover, baby Leo bought everything at home near his mansion for the simple reason that there was no noise from the neighbors. In a very recent interview with Josep Guardiola, the Spanish specialist said the phrase: “Messi is an introvert, he is a very quiet and modest person. He does not like to be disturbed. ”

In addition, the home renovation project itself was developed by Messi’s wife, Antonella. She thought everything through to the smallest detail. The mansion has a swimming pool, and next to it is a football field.


Pic shows: Pictures from promotional video of the Castilho 203 building. Cristiano Ronaldo has bought the most expensive flat ever sold in Lisbon for a whopping 7.2 million EUR.

Another genius of modern football and a powerful football player, only from Portugal.

Answering the question, where do football players of such caliber as Cristiano live, we will tell you only one thing – always and everywhere in luxurious conditions. After moving to the camp of Juventus, Cristiano bought a great house in Turin. It’s funny, but this Turin mansion is much larger than Ronaldo’s former housing in Madrid.

800 square meters, add to this another 200, which occupy only the bedrooms, and also add here 4 thousand, 500 hectares of the park near the mansion – and we get a dream house.

Of course, the main attraction of the house of Cristiano is the availability of a gym, as well as a swimming pool. Cristiano-style training monsters are simply required to have everything at hand for training and recovery.

Also, one cannot ignore the fact that Zinedine Zidane and Fabio Cannavaro once lived in this mansion. And there was one funny incident with this house when a famous British group wanted to rent it, but they considered living in such a mansion too expensive.

Of course, the house of this football player is on the list of “most expensive houses of football players”, and now we’ll just highlight the cost of this mansion – 40 thousand euros per day.

This incredible cosmic value fully reflects Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese likes to stand out, but this is not a reproach in his direction, but only a confirmation of his greatness.


A famous British footballer in the past owns a luxurious mansion located in London. The mansion itself is estimated at 70 million euros, just a cosmic sum, even by the standards of football players. David is certainly not the richest man on earth, but apparently he can afford it. It is also worth noting that the Briton has 5 children, which in itself implies large and spacious apartments

David and Victoria Beckham live literally next to Prince William, which emphasizes David’s status as an individual. The mansion itself has 4 floors, and its cost is 64.7 million euros. Another 8 million euros were spent on repairs. Yes, after such an amount, repairing the Leo Messi mansion seems like an empty phrase.

After updating and repairing, the mansion expanded to include haircuts, Victoria Beckham’s shoe storage room and office for manicure and pedicure. Also in the mansion there is a home theater, swimming pool, gyms with different rooms. Beckham family houses, is included in the list of “best soccer players houses”.


The family “nest” of Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez is not the most pleasant football player in terms of his behavior, but he has a very kind heart. Louis is an incredibly kind person out of the field, he demonstrates this with his family. Suarez is madly in love with his wife Sophie, the couple have children and they are happy. Louis loves his children and wife very much, he always wants to be with them.

It just so happened that Luis’s wife, Sophie, loves Barcelona very much. When Suarez received an offer from Barcelona, ​​he did not hesitate at all and provided a good life for himself and his wife. Now they have a wonderful mansion in Catalonia, for 2 million 900 thousand euros.

The mansion has a beautiful garden, pool – and inside the mansion is a gym. The mansion itself has 2 thousand square meters. Also next to Suarez live Leo Messi and Felipe Coutinho. The houses of the Barcelona players are literally nearby and they are considered neighbors.


Paul Pogba himself is a very colorful person who changes hairstyles or gets into funny situations, such as in the recent Manchester United match where Paul took 22 short steps before breaking the penalty.

Paul is very fond of increased attention to himself, it is worth admitting that the Frenchman is able to rivet him. County Cheshire – located here mmansion of the French midfielder Manchester United and the French team. The mansion itself cost the footballer 3 million and 300 thousand euros.

The Frenchman’s mansion has everything: there is a place for a sauna with a pool, there is also a separate games room and many relaxation rooms.

We have provided you with an article where photos of the houses of football players are selected, as well as a detailed story about each residence of an individual football player. We hope such an unusual topic – it was useful to you.