The Deadliest Insects In The World

There are many threats to human health in the world. But many forget that even small insects, which, due to their tiny size, look completely harmless, can do more harm than the bite of the same shark or tiger.

These insects are not fun at all, because it is hard to imagine that some of them have evolved to real brutal killers. However, this is so. Below are the Deadliest Insects In The World to watch out for.


These small fluffy creatures, which bring great benefits to nature, can harm humans in the same sizes. Their sting has a much greater blow than the sting of a wasp. Even one bee sting is more destructive than a few wasp stings. Bees are especially aggressive if you climb into the hive or tease them. Then your life may be in jeopardy.


These insects are always and everywhere, and each person dealt with them. But did you know that these insects are the carriers of terrible diseases. They drink the blood of infected people and then transfer the infection to healthy people on the nose. One of the most dangerous diseases that mosquitoes carry is malaria. And this is not the only disease that you can catch from mosquitoes without even knowing it.

Driver ants

The venom of some ants is used in the treatment, but there are also those that produce deadly potions. But it is these ants that are dangerous, not so much with their poison as with quantity. They always move in colonies, and if they see something in their path, they immediately devour everything. It is better not to tease such ants, and to bypass their homes.

Fire ants

These are yet another ants that move around in colonies, and they are ready to protect each other no matter what. If you accidentally step on one of them – do not wait for mercy.

Bullet ants

These ants are not in vain bear such a name. Their bite is often compared to a bullet shot from a gun. So their bite is painful. And although the bite may not be fatal, however, it will leave wounds and scars for life.

Japanese hornets

This species is similar to giant wasps, and they sting several times more painfully. These hornets react aggressively to movement. Therefore, if you are running or just moving, you will become the main goal of this ruthless creature.