Career actress

Birth Date June 9, 1985


Age 34 years

Place of birth Bombay, India

Height 177

Relationship status: Single

The future star of Bollywood began its history in the summer of June 9, 1985, in Chembur. The girl’s father is the famous Indian actor Anil Kapoor. Mother is a former model of Sunita Kapoor. In addition to Sonam, Rey’s sister and brother Harschwandhan were raised in the family.

In addition to dad and mom, Sonam has many star relatives. The grandfather of the beauty – Surinder Kapoor – is engaged in the production of films, uncles and aunts along the lines of parents – eminent actors and producers. Cousins ​​Arjun Kapoor and Ranvir Singh succeeded in acting. The fate of the girl was predetermined from birth.

The girl went to Arya Vidya Mandir School in Juhu. At the end of her studies, she was accepted at the United World College of South East Asia in Singapore. There the girl spent two years. Sonam studied political science and economics at the University of East London.

She has a law degree, and in her leisure time, she prefers reading, cycling, and cooking. seeks to learn how to ride wakeboarding, travel by car, learn English, go to cooking courses and drawing, find a soul mate who will share the initiatives or support them.

Her hobbies are literature and languages. He wants to create a strong family built on mutual and honest love. She is interested in dancing, English, books, walking, fashion, photography, travel, personal and business growth. Alina strove to open her plastic surgery clinic; hold master classes for specialists, launch their television show or YouTube channel and share all this success with their family; find a husband.

The ideal man: tall, well-built, confident man; sexy, smart, with a sense of humor, soul of a company, purposeful, charismatic, moderately serious, strong, with a big and kind heart.