Six Reasons Why Sharks Are Afraid of Dolphins

Among all the inhabitants of the seas and oceans, sharks are considered the most frightening and dangerous ones. Their large size, formidable appearance, speed, sharp teeth – there is confirmation of this. From an early age, we are taught to avoid these animals, because they can seriously harm our health.

However, few people know that these formidable and dangerous inhabitants of the seas and oceans are afraid of dolphins. This is one of the few species that really scares them. Why? Let’s figure it out.

Dolphins are much faster than sharks

Although sharks are known for their speed, dolphins are ahead of them in this race. They move faster in the water, which allows them to regroup in a short time and attack the attacking shark.

Dolphins Are Battering Rams

The nose of dolphins is designed so that in its functions it resembles a snout. It acts like the horns of rams, like a powerful battering ram. Dolphins can cause a great damage to the shark, especially if they aim at soft places – the stomach for example.

Dolphins are very smart animals.

Scientifically proven that dolphins are the most intelligent inhabitants of the seas and oceans. Moreover, their keen mind often creates barriers for sharks. Dolphins are ahead of them in tactics, and sharks lose in battle anyway.

Dolphins hunt in packs

Although sharks can sometimes be stronger than dolphins, but here dolphins are ahead of them. Dolphins travel in water in packs and are ready to fully protect their family member. One-on-one dolphin may not survive in the fight, however, when there is a whole pack in front of the shark, there is no chance of winning the fight.

Dolphins are more mobile

Due to the small size and structural features, dolphins move more mobile than sharks. The horizontal caudal fin helps to move up and down better and easily bypass shark attacks. In addition, thanks to the movable and flexible joint, the shark can hardly defeat the dolphin.

Orcas Are Also Part of the Dolphin Family

Killer whales are real predators in the depths of the waters. And when there is no other food, they can even eat large sharks. In addition, the fact that orcas are part of the dolphin family gives dolphins a huge advantage over sharks.