Birthday: 06/08/1975

Age 43 years old

Birthplace: Tamil Nadu, India

Shilpa Shetti was born on June 8, 1975 in the family of former models of Surendra and Sunanda Shetti in Tamil Nadu, India.

Her mother was a model for Forhans, Bournvita, and her father participated in the advertising of glasses Yera, her younger sister Shamita Shetty is an actress.

Shetty currently resides in Mumbai with her parents and younger sister, a Bollywood actress.

Although Shilpa Shetty was born into a family of models, she did not succeed in following in the footsteps of her parents – due to non-standard parameters, the girl was not popular with advertising agencies and editors of glossy magazines. But the film screenings were successful – since 17 years, the film set has become an “workplace” for the Indian woman. And today, on the account of the 39-year-old actress, more than fifty paintings. It is difficult to call her a newcomer to the industry, but only now Western producers are starting to pay attention to her.

For the first time in the history of Bollywood in 2006, sisters:

Shilpa and Shamita Shetty appeared together in the same film.

2. Photographers captured how, depicting a dance step, a hero

“Let’s Dance,” Richard Gere touched Shilpa’s cheek with his lips.

Pictures printed in all leading newspapers caused a wave in India


3. In 2004, Shilpa Shetty received the title – Diva of the Year.

four. . Shilpa was also the captain of the baseball team at school and

got a black belt in karate.

5. In an interview, Shilpa admitted that becoming an actress to her

disturbed … nose. One plastic surgeon performed an operation and helped her find

niche in bollywood.

At the age of 15

Shilpa wanted to become a model, but her height and weight did not match

model parameters and at the casting she was denied. At the age of 17 she

offered the lead role in Gaata Rahe’s “Mera Dil” with Rahul Roy. But

the film was not completely shut up. Then Shilpe Shetty was offered

role in “Baazigar” with Shah Rukh and Kajol, which later became a hit

and for which Shilpa was nominated for Filmfare

Her hobbies are drawing, sports, singing. She considers Porsche blue (and not one), apartment and apartment abroad as her goal in life.

She loves taking pictures and making videos. She dreams of realizing her potential; find yourself and your person with whom you can build not only a strong family, but also your own empire.

The ideal man: the one with whom he will feel happy; loyal, faithful, loving, ready to act for the sake of a beloved girl who has family values.