Career actress

Date of birth January 31, 1975


Age 44 years

Birthplace of Shimla, India

Height 163

Relationship status: Single

Born in Shimla. Prity’s father, a famous Indian army commander, died in a car accident when she was 13 years old. Mother Preity also suffered in this disaster. Preity has two brothers: the eldest Dipunker is serving in the army, now in the military unit in Laddakh, the youngest lives in Los Angeles.

Zinta graduated with a degree in Forensic Psychology from the University of Mumbai. The native language of Preity is Hindi. Also speaks English and Tamil.

The famous actress Prity Zinta enchants with her beauty and makes the viewer fall in love with her heroines. The girl who looks from the screen with huge black eyes is charming and cute cannot help falling in love with the viewer. Yes, she is charming, and she must be loved. Prity Zinta has always been so full of energy and creativity. But the rise to the heights of Bollywood was not easy for her. Indeed, in a girl with burning eyes and a sweet smile, everyone saw a good wife, beloved girlfriend, but not a talented actress. To prove to everyone that she is bright and can captivate the audience, Prity Zinta worked hard and sacrificed a lot.

Preity Zinta was educated in the field of English literature and even took additional classes in the field of “psychologist-forensic scientist”. She did not think about her acting career until she met the director who persuaded her to pass the screen test. Now, Preity is not only a sought-after actress, but also the owner of her own production company.

Her hobbies are reading and dancing, and her goal in life is professional self-realization, equestrian sport, cosmetology, painting. She dreams of becoming an independent and successful person and starting a family.

The ideal man: attractive, intellectually developed, but not a bore; with a good sense of humor, faithful and faithful; respecting women, loving children, having an opinion and position; able to prioritize correctly.