Name: Oeshi

Birthdate: 07/12/1996

Age: 23

Marital status: single

Children: no

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Hair: honey-blond

Eyes: brown

Build body: muscular

Education: no

Profession: Trainer

Smokes: no

Languages: Hindi, English

Location: Vadodra

Country: India


Hey. If you are looking for a single, beautiful girl, write to me. I like to watch science fiction or documentaries, they inspire me. I like to draw, knit. I like to read detective novels. I am very interested in the culture of different nations. From time to time I train in watercolor painting or writing stories. I collect stickers and beautiful notebooks. You know, I always liked costumed films and TV shows, as well as movies in the style of old Hollywood, where men are gentlemen in suits and women are real ladies in elegant dresses … And even more wonderful if the film is dance-musical! Recently, inspired by the work of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, she signed up for the Step classes. True, dancing is not very good so far, but I try. I really love theaters! They always have their own special atmosphere. Lately I really enjoyed the musical genre, and I even had the pleasure of watching some live! I love drama, I love comedy, I love jazz, folk, rock and rock and roll. I really like to take baths, for me it is a whole ritual: salt, bombs, scented candles or aroma diffusers accompany me in this process. I can easily lie in the bathroom for 3 hours. I love warmth and comfort. aroma of coffee, vanilla, cinnamon. At coffee I love not only aroma, but also taste. I work as a trainer in the gym, I work with girls and guys. I like to notice changes in their body and their character. I have a beautiful body, muscles, I work a lot on myself. I would like to meet a single man, handsome and responsible. It is important for me to be confident in the future, to create stable relationships. I want to travel a lot, go to parties, visit cultural places. I dream of being with my man, supporting him and loving him. I dream to see the world together, learn more about India, visit famous temples. It is important for me to be strong in relationships, to help. I do not want to be a weak single girl. I believe that loving people should trust each other more, forgive minor insults, take offense and quarrel less. I want a stable relationship, marriage and family. Like every girl, I want to wear a wedding dress and exchange vows. It is important for me to get married once and for all my life. It’s important for me to maintain relationships and marriage.