Mom Is Warning Parents After Finding Metal in Her Daughter’s Vitamins

Parents want to believe that the products that they give their children to improve health are indeed such and are absolutely safe to eat. However, how much we would like to believe in the best, bad things also happen. A viral publication appeared on Facebook in which a mom from Kansas named Samantha Andersen showed a terrible find at the bottom of a Zarbee Naturals Complete Toddler multivitamin bottle. These were “sharp metal flakes”.

She wrote that the flakes were in the surface area of the vitamins. Her daughter ate almost all the vitamins and she’s even afraid to imagine how many metal pieces got into the body. Shocked by such a find, mom immediately delivered her daughter Melanie to an x-ray, as their doctor advised.

After the necessary examination, this mother updated the post, where she said that pieces of metal flakes were found in her daughter’s intestines and she complained, that her family have to watch for bloody stools, pain or fever of the daughter. Of course she contacted Zarbee’s as well to share what happened. She said to all mothers to be attentive and check children’s containers. Everyone should be aware, so she urged to actively share the post.

This post was shared by more than 100 thousand people. After some time, another mother named Karly Lynn Dunn shared a similar story. In addition to pieces of metal, she also found “black specks” at the bottom of the same vitamins. Both mothers recommended checking the supply of jars with these vitamins.

Andersen shared with the popular FOX4KC news outlet that their family has been using Zarbee’s Naturals chewing vitamins for several years, and this has not happened before, or they simply did not pay attention to it. She discovered pieces of metal quite by accident: when she saw that several vitamins were sticking together, she separated them and saw metal shavings. On the advice of her husband, she held a magnet over them – then it was confirmed for sure that it was precisely metal, and not something else.

The woman considered it necessary to share this situation with society and in an interview to FOX4KC she raised an important topic. She asked people at the factory to be extremely attentive. Considering the fact that during mass production and high load metal machines can break apart, it is very important to monitor the process. After all, broken parts can fall into the production line, and then fall into the hands of customers.