Name: Hemangini

Birthdate: 3/08/1993

Age: 26

Marital status: single

Children: no

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Hair: brunette

Eyes: green

Build body: slim

Education: yes

Profession: Guide

Smokes: no

Languages: Hindi, English

Location: Mumbai

Country: India


I am romantic, caring, loyal, sincere and very sociable single girl. I have a great sense of humor. I love to listen to music, read, travel and chat with friends. I go to the gym, do aerobics and fitness. It is important for me to lead a healthy way of life, to play sports. I count calories to stay slim and beautiful. Although appearance is not the main thing, no one can see your soul for extra kilograms. I have a beautiful smile and a funny laugh. Men like me. But for me it is important that they see me as a person, not a beautiful face. I like to spend my free time actively, go hiking, have picnics, and climb rocks. I spend a lot of time outdoors. My hobby is esotericism, I regularly read mantras and meditate. I believe in the power of mantras. I cleanse the soul and body. I work as a guide in the national museum, I like to talk about Indian culture, oriental values. I study folk dances, their symbolism and meaning. I can sing Indian songs. I work a lot, but often am lonely in the evenings. I dream of meeting an honest, decent, financially secure man in order to create a strong family that will be based on love and mutual understanding. My man should have a beautiful soul and body, smart, read books and be interested in science, culture. For my man, I am ready to change, to become better. I dream of walking around the city on warm summer evenings, drinking green tea, holding hands. I want to make romantic surprises, give presents. In India, there are a lot of single girls who dream of meeting the perfect man. I dream of making my man perfect. To do this, I will surround him with care, attention, love. I am sure that together we can do something incredible. Only in our power to create the perfect marriage. For me it is very important in a relationship to be a weak girl, to obey my husband. I dream of achieving harmony and enlightenment in marriage, giving birth to healthy children, raising them in Indian traditions. I am sure that I can be a wonderful mother and wife. If you are a single man, write to me. You never know where exactly you will meet your fate. Your soulmate may be in the same city or in a neighboring house. It’s cool that the internet helps soul mates meet.