Biggest Poker Winnings

Today, poker is a real source of income through which professional players can receive millions of dollars. Every year the number of international tournaments and the lucky ones becomes more and more, and therefore it becomes more interesting to watch the competitions.

10th place – Ryan Riess (USA) in the WSOP Main Event 2013 tournament with a prize of $ 8,361,570

The main sensation of the final WSOP tournament, which took place in 2013, was the American Ryan Riess. He became a newsmaker, regarding whose person a lot of talk was introduced. As a result, he received almost 8.5 million dollars. For Riesz himself, this success was a surprise that combined with incredible joy.

To a certain extent, victory changed the life of Riesz. If earlier he burned all his accumulations not only in games, but also in various amusements, then after winning in 2013, he acted more wisely. The winner did not buy yachts or expensive cars, but prudently invested in shares of Apple, Disney and Facebook. This allows you to get an annual guaranteed profit. But in other tournaments after the winning series, Ryan does not participate so willingly. Since 2013, he has not had any serious wins.

9th place – 2012 WSOP winner Greg Merson (USA) with $ 8 531 853

Approximately as much as Riess, received the winner of 2012, 24-year-old US citizen Greg Meyerson. With all our attitude to poker players, it was impossible to remain indifferent to the loud sobs of the winner. Having received the champion’s bracelet and huge stacks of money, Meyerson could not believe his happiness. But on the way to the top he had to experience many shocks, but the victories began before 2012. The American managed to overcome alcohol and drug addiction and devote time to learning the lessons of experienced players.

Calming down from the shock after 10 minutes, Greg told the world that he could not mentally prepare for the series and the ending. Yes, and you just can’t do this. Winning poker in the amount of more than $ 8 million did not spoil the guy. Part of the money, of course, was then used for closed tournaments in Baltimore, but he personally spent only $ 500 on himself – exactly how much his new clothes cost. Everything else went to the family.

8th place – Joe Cada (USA), winner of the 2009 WSOP finals, $ 8,547,042

This young winner was 21 years old. However, his path to the top was not too simple. He learned to play games as a teenager, as Joe’s mother worked as a croupier in a casino. For 5 years he went to success, starting with cards, and then continuing playing games in Texas Hold’em online. The result was not bad – the amount of the bankroll amounted to 500 thousand dollars. After reaching adulthood, the guy switched to live tournaments, but did not achieve success and lost all his savings.

The real win in poker turned out to be less than the received $ 8,547,042, since half of these funds went to repay debts to sponsors. However, the remaining amount was enough to buy a house in Las Vegas and start your own business.

7th place – Pius Heinz (Germany), winner of the 2011 WSOP finals with a prize of $ 8,715,638

Get in 2011 the main gain in the amount of 8 715 638 dollars was able to young German 22 years old. Before this tournament and its final part, he was not known to the world, because he preferred online tournaments. In them, however, Heinz achieved good results – 700 thousand dollars in prize money. In games with friends and online tournaments, he studied skill and adopted the experience of strong players.

In favor of the young winner is the fact that Pius managed to correctly build his strategy for playing poker. He directed the available finances to gaming tournaments with guaranteed winnings for himself. For example, he participated in series in Las Vegas, where with a buy-in of $ 1,500, he received a prize of $ 80,000. And then he invested the money in the main tournament.

Arriving at the 2011 WSOP Final, he had in his pocket a signed contract with PokerStars. The prize of $ 8,715,638 received did not greatly affect the young man. According to him, he still prefers to participate in games at online tables.

6th place – Jonathan Duhamel (Canada), WSOP Main Event 2010 with a prize of $ 8 944 310

Canadian Duhamel managed to get almost $ 9 million in 2010. A young 23-year-old player deliberately went to victory in the final battle. He regularly participated in various tournaments, receiving good prizes. This constantly gave him confidence in the construction of a poker player’s career.

In addition to poker, Jonathan was terribly passionate about hockey. He often could donate a tournament at a table in favor of watching a hockey match of his favorite Montreal Canadiens team live. He came to the final event of the WSOP Main Event 2010 as a chip leader and retained his title until the final victory. He used his poker winnings reasonably and nobly – $ 100,000 was transferred to the accounts of the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation charity.

But in a guy’s personal life, things were not going so smoothly. In 2011, his apartment was robbed – the winner’s bracelet, personalized watch and part of the winnings were stolen. In hot pursuit, the police solved the crime – the girl turned out to be a gunner, Jonathan, who was unhappy with her lover’s too small gifts.

5th place – Peter Eastgate (Denmark) in the WSOP Main Event 2008 tournament with a prize of $ 9 152 416

A native of a small town in Denmark, Peter Eastgate was fond of Hold’em as a teenager. Of course, he did not plan to connect his life with the game, but at some point it turned out that way.

Participation in tournaments did not bring big prizes, so the chances of participating in the main tournament were minimal. In 2008, he managed to win the Ladbrokes advertising tournament – the money he received helped pay for the buy-in, flight and accommodation during the tournament. The amount of expenses was rather big – 100 thousand dollars.

More than 7 thousand participants could not get in the way of entering the final battle. Heads-up brought Peter with champion Demidov. The game competition between them lasted more than 4 hours, as a result of which the Danish guy was able to gain the upper hand. The two-day battle greatly exhausted the guy. He could not rejoice in the victory and showed more surprise. Thus, his winnings in poker amounted to 9,152,416 dollars.

4th place – Martin Jacobson (Sweden), WSOP Main Event 2014 with a prize of $ 10,000,000

Martin Jacobson, who always dreamed of becoming a cook, until 2014 did not even realize that he could hit the $ 10 million jackpot in the main poker tournament. He approached the tournament among the favorites and a lot of material regarding this player was in the press, but at the same time he behaved quite adequately, not showing arrogance.

For 6 years of his professional career, he won a little more than for this tournament, and it’s 14 million. He continues to participate in professional tournaments now.

3rd place – Jamie Gold (USA) in the WSOP Main Event 2006 series with a prize of $ 12,000,000

The main tournament of 2006 received an incredible, at that time, prize pool, which amounted to 82.5 million dollars. The number of participants was amazing, because almost 9 thousand people participated in the tournament. The final success of Gold seemed a sensation for journalists. Many criticized the player for the arrogance that manifested itself during the tournament. Also, many considered his success as luck, because after the tournament there were no more real successes.

Jamie Gold’s success was overshadowed by the conflict between him and his sponsors. He began to participate in a team of movie stars. One of the friends of the American promised to provide advertising support from movie stars. However, the plans were disrupted, and the case soon reached court. The plaintiffs demanded from the winner that the winnings in poker be divided. The parties reached an agreement, and according to rumors, Gold was forced to give half of the prize money.

2nd place – Daniel Coleman (USA), The Big One for One Drop WSOP 2014 with a prize of $ 15 306 668

An incredible amount of $ 15.3 million was won by Daniel Coleman in 2014 when The Big One for One Drop was held. The prize pool of the tournament was 37.3 million, where a tenth of the buy-in went to charity. At the same time, the administration did not have the right to remove rake. In order to hit such a jackpot, Coleman contributed a million dollars to participate.

In the final, he met with Daniel Negreanu, where a more eminent and stellar rival could not resist.

1st place – Antonio Esfandiari (USA), The Big One for One Drop WSOP 2012 with a win of $ 18 346 873

In July 2012, Antonio Esfandiari at the WSOP High Roller Tournament won a record amount in poker history, which even today considers unbearable. Interestingly, before starting a career in poker, Antonio was engaged in magic tricks. A little magic will always help a gambler achieve good results in poker. Before the start of the tournament he was quoted as one of the main outsiders of the tournament, who was supposed to fly out first.

However, after the first game day he was in 4th place, and already at the beginning of the second he broke into the chip leaders. As a result, Sam Trickett was defeated in the final.