Are Prenatal Vitamins the Secret to Better Hair and Skin—Even If You’re Not Pregnant

It is a well-known fact that prenatal vitamins contain many nutrients, since their main task is to support the development of the child and protect against all kinds of defects. The composition of such vitamins includes folic acid, iron, different vitamins, calcium and other useful components. But do they have the same positive effect on women who are not pregnant? There is such information that prenatal vitamins provide longer, faster-growing hair and smoother skin, is this really so?

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Prenatal vitamins are widely used in the field of beauty. Many Hollywood stars take these vitamins when preparing for the ceremony on the red carpet.

We interviewed leading experts on whether prenatal vitamins should be used by non-pregnant women. Only one doctor, Ava Shamban, confirmed that taking these vitamins is quite normal for an ordinary woman. After some time, you can notice that the condition of the hair and skin is really changing for the better.

However, other experts did not share her views.

Roshini Rajapaksa says that for a pregnant woman, a balanced diet containing prenatal vitamins is very beneficial. However, in other cases, this will lead to side effects. It contains the amount of vitamins and minerals that exceed the norm for a normal person.

Dr. Rajapaksa pays particular attention to iron and folic acid. Too much iron can cause side effects such as constipation, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or something worse. Although for a pregnant woman, this dose helps the development of the brain of the child. In fact, the substances entering the body are separated for the mother and the child, while the non-pregnant woman receives a double dose.

Large amounts of folic acid are also harmful to an ordinary woman. During pregnancy, this component helps eliminate neural tube defects and preterm labor. While as for ordinary person, excessive consumption of folic acid can lead to the development of colorectal cancer. Therefore, it is worth excluding additional supplements, and include in the diet the natural sources of this component – vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Wendy Bazilian, nutritionist, recommends the use of prenatal vitamins for athletes. Due to constant physical activity, they have a low level of iron in the body. She also recommends these vitamins to women who are planning a pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins also contain standard components that help the optimal state of the body of mother and baby.

If you want long and chic hair, then it is better to replace these vitamins with a biotin supplement. Debra Jaliman, also suggests using collagen peptides, which also stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair follicles. These additives can be used both separately and added to water or juice.