Name: Anvi

Birthdate: 2/01/1996

Age: 23

Marital status: single

Children: no

Height: 157 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Hair: brunette

Eyes: green

Build body:  middle

Education: yes

Profession: Cook

Smokes: no

Languages: Hindi, English

Location: Haridwar

Country: India


Hello! My name is Anvi, I am 23 years old. I am single. I was born and have lived all my life in India. My parents raised me according to tradition, I respect Indian culture. My hobbies: decorate the interior of the house, plan holidays, give gifts, ride horses, walk in the park or forest. I love waterfalls, lakes and other bodies of water. It seems surprising to me how beautifully created the world. Every day I pray to the gods for this beauty. I believe in fate that our days are destined in heaven. When it came time to choose a profession, I decided to become a cook. I always liked to create delicious dishes from simple ingredients. I love not only Indian, but also Italian, French, Greek cuisine. Most of all I like to cook pasta with seafood and blueberry pie. The purpose of my life is to open a large restaurant. I want to be a chef, prepare the best dishes for my guests. But I am not a businesswoman, it is also important for me to create a strong family, where everyone will respect and support the other. With my man I want to create a true friendship that will become love. Therefore, I am looking for a husband on this site. There is an opportunity to evaluate a person not only in appearance, but also to communicate, find out more about his interests, principles in life. Despite my young age, I am sure that I am ready to become a good wife and mother. I do not like to be single. I want to share my positive energy with people around me. I want to meet a single man for a serious relationship. For me, love is support, respect, the meaning of life. Love is life. With my man I want to learn all the facets of love, to realize my importance, to fulfill the main goal in the life of a woman. I love sincerity and naturalness, I hate fake people and dirt. I like to smile at other people, enjoy every day and be thankful for every day I live. It’s not boring with me, I’m always cheerful and friendly. I have many friends and acquaintances, they all say good things about me. I will never hurt a person or animal. I have no prejudice about the people around. I am not a racist, I do not blame people for their choices in life. I believe in karma and live by its principles. Being a good person is my choice. I am sure that if you do good deeds, you will be able to live a long and happy life.  I am ready to share my life with a person who will understand me and will appreciate every day next to me.