7 Animals Essential For Human Survival

Over the billions years of existence in our ecosystem, powerful interconnections have formed, and if one of the species disappears, this can lead to the subsequent disappearance of other species. We cannot imagine how catastrophic the consequences can be. In addition, this will affect not only nature and the animal world, but also the human life. Today you will get know what species the existence of the human race depends on.

7. Ants

These tiny creatures do an incredible job. They help to saturate the soil with air and process harmful components in the ground. Removing dead beetles and wilted leaves increases soil fertility.

6. Birds

Birds are the real helpers of humans. Especially, this applies to plant growing. These creatures move seeds for miles into the distance and that’s not all we should be thankful for. They fight insects, recycle waste in the soil and saturate the ground with nutrients. In addition, some species are involved in pollination of flowers.

5. Plankton

Despite its microscopic size, the absence of plankton can affect the existence of mankind. Plankton is the food of millions of aquatic animals worldwide. In addition, they produce oxygen, which every year on our planet becomes smaller, and it is very polluted due to human influence.

4. Fish

One single orange goldfish seen from the side isolated on a white background

Since we started talking about aquatic life, it is worth mentioning the fish. But we will not talk about the fact that they are a source of nutrition. They are of much greater importance. Fish excrement helps normalize the pH level in the oceans, which is very important for aquatic inhabitants and for the human race. But we still continue to catch tons of fish, instead of eating healthy salad. And we do not even imagine that we are harming ourselves.

3. Worms

Worms do not cause a positive reaction in humans, but rather on the contrary – disgust. However, their influence is widespread. These little creatures turn all garbage and waste into nutritious compost. Just imagine what role worms would play in landfills. We would significantly clean our planet from pollution.

2. Bats

Like birds, bats also take part in the destruction of harmful insects. This is especially true for mosquitoes and mosquitoes. As you know, these insects transmit terrible diseases. But due to the fact that people cut down forests – the natural habitat of bats, these reptiles are becoming more and more. Imagine what disastrous consequences it could lead to.

1. Bees

For those who do not know, bees are truly one of the most important animals in the world. Although they bring us pain, with their bites, and discomfort, but without them, many ecosystems would collapse. Everyone knows that the main mission of bees is the pollination of flowers and trees. Without this work, trees and other vegetation perishes, no longer gives fruit, but most importantly – they do not produce oxygen, which is so necessary for man and the whole living world. Recent studies show that the number of bees has decreased by more than 50%. And all this is due to a change in climate and detrimental human influence. Think about what our stupid actions will ultimately lead to.